Invitation Marketing Webinar Highlights
June 8, 2023
Presented by: Cate Kozikowski


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Invitation Marketing updates

Affiliate Campaign updates

RepliGold Introduction





Cate welcomes everyone with a hearty WAZZZUUBBB to our first Invitation Marketing webinar. Today we will strictly be discussing updates related to Invitation Marketing.


The recap from today’s webinar will be available on the Invitation Marketing website as will all future Invitation Marketing specific webinar recaps.



So let’s talk about the new Invitation Marketing website.



Here you will find everything you need as an affiliate. From the campaigns, where you can see the different affiliate opportunities you can promote, to your generations, and then the commissions, bonuses, rewards, and even an FAQ and Support info hexagons.


When we have new campaigns, or webinars coming up, or other important details, we now have a NEWS section for that. And then we have the WEBINARS hexagon, but remember, this will be strictly for Invitation Marketing webinars only (postings for upcoming webinars, as well as recaps from the webinars). This means that this recap from today’s webinar can only be found on this page, under this WEBINARS hexagon.



Let’s talk about the campaigns.



You can check the campaigns to see the full details for each one.


For those who don’t know, with Invitation Marketing, you invite others to join for free and then based on their activities, you collect commissions and bonuses. Based on the purchase made, whether in YEM or fiat currency, you will receive your commissions and bonuses accordingly, in YEM or fiat currency.


In our system, we calculate the commissions in USD, but when you are making a withdrawal into your bank account, you can choose the fiat currency based on your preference.


So for the Affiliate Campaigns currently we have:

Invitation Marketing - collect commissions on the Welcome Bonus

EEBOOX - collect commissions on eBook purchases

SNI - collect commissions on SNI token purchases


Today, we will introduce the newest affiliate campaign:



RepliGold will give you another way to earn more fiat currency.


Today we will give you a brief presentation of RepliGold. Presentations in more detail will happen soon.








Welcome to




What does the name REPLI.GOLD mean?



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